“Thank you Guardian Recruiting for assisting me in finding new employment. A special thank you to Cathi Botha for all the work and guidance in helping me become a successful candidate. I am looking forward to excelling in this new career path of mine! “

HR Administrator – 2021

“Cathi is an excellent recruiter and provides a personal touch for all her clients. She maintains contact through the recruiting process regularly and when placed (even if it is not by her). She is focused on the individuals needs and will always maintain a high level of professionalism. Always a pleasure dealing with her.”

Business Consultant – 2011

“Cathi has a passion for finding the right fit candidate for permanent placement. It is a pleasure to work with her. She has a sense of business, an ability to spot talent with high attention to detail and client satisfaction. What I appreciate most about Cathi, is that she delivers excellent work- every time!”

Director: Policy and Planning for People Management Practices-2010

Cathi is one of the most experienced, passionate Recruiters who jumps to mind when anyone asks me if I know someone good in the Industry. The reason she jumps to mind is that she differentiates herself by taking her assignments personally and partnering with clients and candidates honestly and authentically. She is not someone who will “throw mud at a wall and hope it sticks.” She engages with each assignment taking great care to really understand requirements and fit. Of course, her vivacious energy and warmth adds to her dedicated work ethic, but what I have loved about working on and off with her for most of my 20yrs in recruitment, is that her approach runs so much deeper than a smile and a willingness to assist. Thanks for making our industry a better place, Cathi!

Talent Engagement Expert / Talent Acquisition Trainer / Career Coach / Keynote Speaker / Ghost-buster - 2019

“I met Cathi for the first time when I finished my SAICA articles and was looking for a new challenge. She is very professional in what she does and ensures that she finds the right fit for the candidates qualifications and personality. I was not successful in landing a job through Cathi’s services initially, however, 2 years later after being in a new position and wanting to leave, Cathi approached me with an amazing offer. This is just an example of the type of dedication and service that Cathi delivers. She always kept in contact and always kept me in mind for new positions. She adds a personal touch in placing her candidates and once you have interacted with Guardian Recruitment, you will have a life long professional relationship. It is because of Cathi’s professionalism, her passion for what she does and her personal touch that I will recommend her services to any candidate.

Finance Manager – 2019

Our Mission Statement

“At Guardian Recruiting, our mission is to, through our actions, and in the best interests of both our candidates and clients, achieve continuous growth and development on both personal and professional level. We aim to remain true to our ethics and intrinsic value system and ensure that we continually align with our ultimate motivation for being within a recruitment context”

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”- Red Adair

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”- Red Adair

We are a 100% proudly South African and female-owned Company. Our brand was born in 2012 and was conceptualised from a true hunger for being catalysts in the process of matching exceptional talent to equally exceptional clients.

Our business evolved from a relentless passion for what we do, and in some way, shape or form, making a positive and lasting contribution to the career journey of our candidates and the success of our loyal and valued client businesses. This commitment and determination to provide an even more personal experience led to the appointment of Cathi’s sister, Tamsyn to the team, a match that has proved to be a powerful and dynamic one.

We at Guardian Recruiting have acclimatised with ease to the ever-changing landscape and, as such, are able to offer a 100% virtual, effective, and accessible service offering.

Our team has been fully vaccinated, for both personal and professional reasons, and always remain mindful of Covid-19 safety protocols. The health of those around us is our priority always.

Our Team

Recruitment Associate

Owner / Senior talent Acquisition Specialist